Our GRP Services

One of our greatest strengths is that we are able to offer a complete service to the customer from the development of the part through to the pattern, mould and supply of production components for the assembly line on a just in time basis.

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GRP Services

Design and development.

We have been involved with a wide and varied range of customer requirements over the years and built up a highly skilled and experienced team who are happy to share knowledge and expertise with any new customers

We offer a free no obligation consultancy to any potential customers. At this stage we can offer a wealth of advice regarding design improvements , tooling requirements , material selections , fabrication and assembly  requirements and cost saving suggestions to name but a few.

GRP Services

CAD Design.

With the use of CAD software we can really delve into the design stage and focus on the customer requirements.

Using a 3D model at this stage helps us to have a complete understanding of the customer requirements. This will enable us to offer sound and practical advice which will eliminate any future issues regarding tooling and production.

Open mould.

Open mould laminating offers a cost effective way of manufacturing a high to low volume of components. This tooling cost is one of the least expensive options and enables complex components to be pulled from the mould even if split mould sections are required. Extra reinforcement and specialist material or metal work can be added at any time in the manufacturing process. We have a large team of highly skilled and experienced open mould laminators that take great pride in manufacturing components.

Light RTM / Full RTM.

This form of resin transfer moulding involves an A face tool and b face tools. Resin is injected into closed mould tools with assistance from a vacuum. Just some of the main advantages to using this method are that the calibrated tooling offers an extremely accurate and repeatable part time after time. This method excels when very large volumes of parts are needed. You also get a smooth and even finish on the laminate side of the component and the tolerances that these methods produce are extremely accurate. At MNS mouldings we specialise in large complicated RTM components.

Assembly work.

Our assembly plant has been producing components for a wide range of customers over the last 25 years. Supplying the finished product including support frames, fitted doors with hinges and catches and also bonding sub-assemblies together using the latest high quality adhesives and bonding agents. We have experienced and skilled employees capable of any customer requirements. Some of our parts are sent all over the world and expected to perform in challenging environments. Our customers put their trust in us to ensure our components perform to the highest level.

GRP Services

Pattern / Tooling.

We can offer both CNC and traditional pattern services to see whichever method might be most suited to your needs.

CNC – Using this method of pattern making can create an exact accurate replica of the 3D cad data. The speed of which these patterns can be produced offers another benefit to the customer . Many of our customers use our components on high level assemblies and rely on the accuracy and speed that this method produces.

Depending on the requirements sometimes tradition pattern making can be extremely useful. This can relate to customers who need to implement cost effective changes to existing tooling or if the initial design lends its self to the more traditional route.

GRP Services

Infusion / carbon fibre.

The infusion method is similar to the RTM but you do not use a solid B face tool but instead use a vacuum bag. This allows the greater flexibility regarding materials and the required thickness of the component can be changed with expensive tooling costs. A wide range of materials can be used from polyester to epoxy resin or emulsion bound matt to carbon fibre to many more.